Customer Business Solutions

Overview of CBS:

The Customer Business Solutions (CBS) division of CCBSS is a data and service integrator providing one face to our Coca-Cola  customers for trade programs, transaction processing and other data services. CBS provides business services to the North American Coca-Cola system such as EDI, Cashless Vending, and Consolidated Invoicing. These services enable seamless coordination between sales teams, Coca-Cola Bottlers, and currently over 1500 national and regional customers with the goal of being their most valued supplier partner.


CBS exists to make it easier to do business with the Coca-Cola System by

    • Creating competitively advantaged business solutions
  • Providing integrated services to connect our company, customers, bottlers, and partners.


Create value, nurture trust, and foster unmatched expertise to deliver collaborative business solutions enabling Coca-Cola and its partners to innovate and win in the global beverage industry.