CBS Services

CBS provides 13 customer-oriented services that focus on the on-boarding of customers, management of day-to-day transactions, and overall data governance and reporting.

CBS Services & Offerings Description
CPACT: Customer Program Approval & Communication Tool Enables Bottlers to review and approve annual national Customer agreements.
EDI:  Electronic Data Interchange Enables the required electronic transfer of information from Customers, Suppliers, and Financial Institutions to CBS to Bottlers and back (e.g. Inbound Purchase Orders and Payments, Outbound Invoices, Scan Data).
Data Collection (Bottler, Distributor, Customer) Collects and validates North American outlet volume, product, customer, and demand signal data across Bottlers, Distributors, and Customers to enable CIS, RTM, & other CBS Services.
CHG:  Customer Hierarchy Group Enables stewardship of volume data based on Customer preference as well as process accurate payment transactions.
Governance Pricing  Support Provide a suite of tools to improve communication of invoice-level pricing, accruals and pricing errors discovered to Bottlers for all Governance Customers.
CIS:  Consolidated Invoice Services Consolidates invoices across all Bottlers while enabling Customers to pay a single entity.
RTM:  Routes to Market Allows Customers’ flexibility to purchase products outside of DSD Model.
Matrix:  Sales Reporting & Analysis Enables National Sales to steward business performance and pay CTM funds through reports and dashboards.
RED:  Right Execution Daily Enables consistent tracking of in outlet execution across all Bottlers and aggregates all bottler RED surveys for system usage.
Service Desk/Security (Level I,II) Enables secure access for all system users to multiple system applications; provides single point of contact for support (e.g. access to Coke Channel, Matrix Data)
Coca-Cola Swipe Cashless Solutions Enables electronic commerce for vending machines across all Bottlers and Customers
CokeChannel Enables stewardship of sensitive documents to authorized system users (e.g. Governance documents, POGs, Operating Plan, etc.) to Bottlers)



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